Why Infolinks is a pain in the ass for Blogspot users?

If you are a Blogspot user and you’ve recently noticed or heard the news about Blogger.com blogs are now redirected to country-specific domains and your an Infolinks publisher, then bad news for you. The Infolinks Fraud department will e-mail you for fraudulent activity and will ban your account because you are using Infolinks code in unauthorized websites. What da heck right?

You’ll be required to add all country specific URLs to your Infolinks account and specify a unique Infolinks code per URL. For instance, you have visitors in New Zealand, your blog will then be redirect to yourblog.blogspot.co.nz. You need a custom Infolinks code for that! How the hell can you add a custom Infolinks code for a specific domain? There’s no option inside your Blogger.com account. You can’t just modify your theme and add snippets for country-specific domains to show and hide. It’s technically impossible for noobs like me. Unless you’re a super expert coder and you’ll hack into Blogger.com’s core files to modify the theme and present different javascript codes based on what country your visitor is from. Or create a plugin for country-specific URLs.

I just wanna say that Infolinks should never force a blogger to add each country-specific blogspot URL to its account and add a unique Infolinks code for each country-specific URL, because it’s a pain in the ass and it’s not really necessary. If you already added your main blogspot.com URL, you shouldn’t be required to add all country specific URLs.

Oh well, I hope Infolinks will get my point here.

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