Whatdaheck! It’s already end of January!

And… I haven’t updated my blog for quite a long time! If you’re a blog addict, then you… are a blog addict! Haha! If you’re not, then you’re not a blog addict. I’ve been busy doing nothing for the past few weeks. My last blog update was update WordPress. I haven’t had time to update this blog during the Yuletide season. Oh well, that’s me, and that’s just me and that’s not you. I’m a ninja and a mummy, I’ve been busy doing a lot of Ninja and Mummy stuff during the past few weeks.

Right now, I don’t know what to blog and what to say. What’s the latest news today? I don’t know a thing. What’s trending? I heard about the SOPA, a new US Bill the is about the become a low about Online Piracy, and I heard about conference championships in the NFL. Another thing I heard is that the shooting of Bourne Legacy is still ongoing in my home country, the Philippines!

Wow! A lot of things happened and I wasn’t updated anymore. I need to keep my blogging juice up and running again. More time to blog, more news to read, more new brain cells in my gray matter!

Happy Chinese New year everyone! As I know I’m extremely late in greeting you a happy new year, whoever you are!

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