Turned $10 into $400 on EPEP and I think it’s still not over yet

If only I got in a few minutes after it launched, I would have made $60,000 USD by now. But due to timezone difference and other activities offline, I wasn’t able to take a look at Solburns Bot to monitor newly created pairs with much potential. I usually just check that bot on TG, then check RugCheck.xyz as well, then lastly check both Twitter and TG communities to see how many people are active.

Earlier today we’re only just around a few hundred members, now it went up to 3000 members! It’s not yet 24 hours yet. As of writing this post, it launched 19 hours ago.

16M marketcap right now with 400k liquidity. This will instantly go to zero of all whales sell right now. LOL!

Rugs on Solana usually just 1-2 minutes, others might reach an hour or two before the dev jeets, pulling out liquidity or selling massive bags sent from different wallets.

On EPEP, it’s different. It’s founded by @ElliotLFG at Twitter (https://twitter.com/elliotlfg). I don’t know him but based on his tweet history, he’s somewhat of a respected figure. Owns a BAYC, and doxxed. This is him.

Maybe he won’t rug us, maybe he will. But I’ve been rugged a dozen of times and now knows which shit coin to get and which shit to ignore.

EPEP on Sol is something we shouldn’t ignore. It’s not yet 24 hours and I’m extremely bullish on the community and the meme. LOL!

What/Who is EPEP? It’s a reverse of PEPE and it’s blue. Better check out their official website to know more about this meme.

To keep updated, follow them on X or TG or IG:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EpepOnSol
Telegram: https://t.me/epeponsol
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/epepcoin

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