Turned 0.1 SOL into 5 with $SHRIMP

When I first saw SHRIMP at pump.fun, I knew I’m gonna get in. Logo looks familiar. I verified their socials and the people behind it are the Shrimp Gang / Shrimp Club NFT (https://twitter.com/ShrimpClubNFT), a well-known community in Stargaze / Kujira. They also have their own validator. They have an NFT collection that I faded, and sold below $100. Now their floor is $700.00.

I got 4.55M SHRIMP before it pump to worth more than 5 SOL. My mistake is that I sold half it it and aped into “The Book of Missing Out”.

Started by this anon on X @AC426_ (I assume they also made a whole lot of other pump and dumps but didn’t even bother to be more careful). It’s fun and funny and I love the meme. Aped in hard as it went down. Made 7x but I didn’t sell, thinking it will do a BOME. Now BOMO lost all its value from ATH. I aped-in because I’m on a winning streak last week and I’m pretty confident I’ll get lucky again. But greed got into me for not selling at ATH. Market cap peaked at 70m, but now it’s down to 1.5M, and still going down. Looks like a slow rug imho.

Made 40x in PHAUNTEM
Made 33x in PEPE on Sol
Made 20x in SHRIMP
Should have mode 50x in DIP if I didn’t sell early

Too bad, these investments are just worth $10-$20. Imagine if I have a thousand bucks to throw around, I’ll be rich by now. LOL!

And the rest is history. Was able to cash out this month around $2000.00 from a mere investment of $40.00. Most of the time I lose, but it’s just like $1-$10. I don’t gamble like $100-$1000. Too scared to lose more money. LOL!

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