Things I missed this November

I’ve been out of the loop for this month. A lot of things happened and I thought that I’m gonna die. I missed the Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Halloween madness this month. I’m somewhere around the world, searching for myself, searching for my soul, and searching for my nemesis. Still, I don’t know if I found what I’m looking for but I’m definitely continue to search for the light of the day, and the moon of the night, and the darkness of the night sky, and the lightness of the day sky.

Everything has changed, but I still remain the same. I’m still alive and the year is almost ever. Anyway, I’m a mummy and I’m also a ninja. I’m immortal. I can’t die. Even if I’m dead, which is impossible, I’m still alive, because, I really can’t die.

I lived long enough, and I don’t wanna live this long. I’m looking for answers for the same questions over and over again. Living for millions of years in this planet makes my life boring.

I hope I’m gonna die… Soon. I hope this curse will stop. Soon.

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  1. wow! long time no blog mummy ninja! sometimes being immortal is boring… but don’t die yet (although it’s impossible for you to die) but please dont die yet…

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