The Black Ninja

The Black Ninjas are my mortal enemy. I just has a dream of them last night. It seems like I traveled back through time when I met my mortal black ninja nemesis, Codejus Baru. Codejus attempted to kill me many 3,795,329 years ago. But he just failed again and again and again. But he’s dead because I killed him last 1951 in Tokyo, Japan, where we did our final battle. It was a long epic battle that happened invisibly for over 37 years. Nobody saw that we fought because we’re both invisible and invincible.

I really had a hard time defeating Codejus, but with strong determination, divine might and power from my ancestors, I was able to defeat him. Thanks for my 500 years of training and awesome skill set, I did what I did. Haha!

Just yesterday, he reincarnated in my dream. He wants revenge and he said in my dream that he’ll be alive again and kill me. He said that he’ll reincarnate in a form of a motorcycle. I wonder why he said it. But I searched about it online, and found this Kawasaki Black Ninja motorcycle. I think this is him. I’m just not sure if his spirit is already in this motorcycle or I just had an insane dream.

Anyway, I should be ready because anytime he might come back. You know, ninjas can’t die easily. They will keep on living even if you thought they were dead.

So for Codejus Baru, I’ll be waiting for you.

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