The Awesome Twitter Widget Box

If you’ve noticed something new in this humble blog of mine, then it must be the Twitter widget box that I’ve added on the right sidebar of my blog. It’s a WordPress Plugin created by Vinoj Cardoza. It’s a simple, easy-to-set-up, and aweesome WP plugin for your, what else, WP blog! It’s easy to install, just search for “Twitter Tweets Box” in your install plugins page inside your wp-admin, then click “Install Now”, then activate it!

The next thing you’ll do is customize it. You’ll notice at the buttom of your WordPress admin, that there’s a new option, just right under Settings, called Twitter Box. You can customize the way it looks, the height and width (which is acting weird as the pixel height copies the pixel width and vice versa), the title, the number of tweets, tweet interval, loop results, and many more!

Once you’ve customized it to suit your needs, you just have to go to your widgets page inside your wp-admin then add the “Twitter Tweets Box” in your sidebar or anywhere you want, provided that your theme supports widgets. If your theme doesn’t support any widgets, I think there’s a work around, but I don’t know how to do it, so don’t ask me.

That’s all that I wanna share for today! If you want an awesome Twitter Widget Box, download and install the Cardoza Twitter Box in your WordPress blog now!

PS: As of writing this post, according to the WordPress Plugin directory, this plugin is compatible up to WordPress version 3.3.2. But hey, I’ve tried and tested it and it’s compatible with WordPress 3.4.1. So don’t be afraid in installing this awesome widget if you’re using the latest version of WordPress.

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