So the new iPad is just an iPad

Yep, they called it, an iPad. But it’s still different even if the name is the same with the first iPad. The specs of this third generation iPad is a beast! Check out the brand new super sweet iPad in The key features of this new iPad is its ultra Retina display. It looks so real, you can see the pixels not even close. But I bet, you can see it with a microscope. Good thing, iPad users doesn’t use a microscope while using the iPad. So… they cannot see the pixels and that’s guaranteed!

It’s Four times more pixels than iPad 2, which is really fantastic. I own an iPad 2, and I’m pretty curious how clear is the display of the brand new iPad. Honestly, I cannot see the pixels of my iPad 2. How much more in the 3rd generation of this awesome gadget? It will surely be crystal clear.

The 3rd generation iPad supports fast cellular networks all over the world. That includes 4G LTE networks in the U.S. and Canada. Soon, in other parts of the globe! There will be no buffer, nuff said!

Just check out all the features here. It’s oh so awesome! You’ll never buy another tablet again, not unless it’s another new iPad…

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