Shark Cat’s road to 1B Market Cap

The SC community never stops shilling 24/7. If you’re active on X, and your circle are Solana peeps, then you will most likely heard about Shark Cat now. My feed is full of shark cat tweets from users with 0 to users with hundreds and thousands of followers. I see whales and prominent figures in the Solana community shilling it, 4 days after it launched. Now more and more meme enthusiasts are flocking in and buying shark cat at 100M marketcap. As of writing this post, it’s now at 100M Market Cap. I sold a few tokens at 90M market cap to pay my monthly bills this month, but I should have waited an hour more, but anyway, what’s done is done.

While I’m writing this post it suddenly jumped to 130M marketcap. I turned my head around, and it’s now at 140M marketcap. I went to the toilet, and took a pee, and it’s now at 150M marketcap. Looks like this rally won’t stop anytime soon and the real bullrun hasn’t even started yet.

At 150M MC, I bet everybody assumes that they’re late already, until they regret and see this token at 1B marketcap by next week or next month. It’s only 1 day away and April 2024 will commence. Too many good things happening this April, one is the huge W Airdrop (Wormhole Crypto’s airdrop to early users and chosen communities).

It’s safe to assume that most degens will ape in Shark Cat, as the volume is phenomenal. $W token’s price will most probably drop on its first day of trading, unless whales pump it.

Exciting times ahead, and I’m glad I bought 500,000 Shark Cat on Even if I sold 90% of it, I still HODL more than 20k. LOL!

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