Remembering the Brown Box

Did you know what the hell is a Brown Box? Or do you have an idea what is a brown box? Is it like the black box inside the airplane? Or just a plain brown box where you put your stuffs in. If you’re born in the late 80s or 90s or even the 70s, I bet you haven’t heard about it nor you have a single idea that it’s a gaming console.

Yep, it’s a gaming console! Good thing for me I know a lot about history as I’m a mummy and I’m also a ninja, and I was on earth since 300BC. Haha! Long before the game poker was invented and the best poker sites in the entire universe was revealed, I’m already breathing and traveling around the world! Haha!

So what is the Brown Box? It’s the world’s first commercial home video game console. Its commercial name is Magnavox Odyssey, it’s just popularly known as the Brown Box even if it’s not really brown. It was first demonstrated in April 1972 and released 4 months after.

This gaming console is invented by Ralph Baer. He is now known as “The Father of Video Games”. Hmmmmmm? And oh, did you know that I actually met Ralph Baer in person? Yes I did! We were classmates at the National Radio Institute in the year 1940.

So… have I tried the Brown Box? I only played a few games with it. I played Interplanetary Voyage, Invasion, Percepts, Cat & Mouse, and my first ever favorite video game, the Brain Wave.

I still have the Magnavox Odyssey at home, but it’s no longer working and I can’t connect it to my LED TV via HDMI. That’s all for today. Just remembering the good old days with my good old Brown Box.

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