Shark Cat’s road to 1B Market Cap

The SC community never stops shilling 24/7. If you’re active on X, and your circle are Solana peeps, then you will most likely heard about Shark Cat now. My feed is full of shark cat tweets from users with 0 to users with hundreds and thousands of followers. I see whales and prominent figures in the Solana community shilling it, 4 days after it launched. Now more and more meme enthusiasts are flocking in and buying shark cat at 100M marketcap. As of writing this post, it’s now at 100M Market Cap. I sold a few tokens at 90M market cap to pay my monthly bills this month, but I should have waited an hour more, but anyway, what’s done is done.

While I’m writing this post it suddenly jumped to 130M marketcap. I turned my head around, and it’s now at 140M marketcap. I went to the toilet, and took a pee, and it’s now at 150M marketcap. Looks like this rally won’t stop anytime soon and the real bullrun hasn’t even started yet.

At 150M MC, I bet everybody assumes that they’re late already, until they regret and see this token at 1B marketcap by next week or next month. It’s only 1 day away and April 2024 will commence. Too many good things happening this April, one is the huge W Airdrop (Wormhole Crypto’s airdrop to early users and chosen communities).

It’s safe to assume that most degens will ape in Shark Cat, as the volume is phenomenal. $W token’s price will most probably drop on its first day of trading, unless whales pump it.

Exciting times ahead, and I’m glad I bought 500,000 Shark Cat on Even if I sold 90% of it, I still HODL more than 20k. LOL!

A lot happened since a week ago. Now I’m into MOUTAI, Shark Cat and Pig Cat

The MOUTAI Man walking around china town.

I’m so so poor, but now I feel richer. I only have $20 left in my Phantom wallet last week, as I cashed out to pay my monthly bills and other expenses. You know, this isn’t my wallet for long HODL. Experienced simultaneously losses during the past few days after I invested in some tokens that were completely abandoned.

There are still some “community” left holding the bags that might pump in the future, or might dump more. My last week’s plays that failed are BOMO (The Book of Missing Out), God of Meme (GODME), and Grumpy Cat (GRUMPY). Too many other small cam tokens failed to materialized.

Invested in random pump and dumps on, and most of them failed to even reach Raydium. But, I got lucky with these two. Because I was sleeping during the mega dump, it was literally dead, before it was pumped back up.

I made a cat race watch list on Dex Screener. See Shark Cat below, pretty insane right? Almost the same 24H volume as POPCAT (a more established meme coin with 270M MC)

SC went insane, yesterday there are almost no tweets about SC on my timeline now I see everyone is tweeting about it, including those WIF fanatics. They even made a tool for shark at where you can convert your PFP into Shark Cat! Talk about innovation! This is ROCKET SCIENCE! Drag then resize the hat to properly fit into your photo, example below.

If you want to get in the cat party, here are the official CA:

Shark Cat (SC): 6D7NaB2xsLd7cauWu1wKk6KBsJohJmP2qZH9GEfVi5Ui
Pig Cat (PC): F5WPg7xdZczNg5pynWjPK8TZLT52WmAiT1ZuKRbaLnEM

I both got below 50K MC, was just a random but worth 0.1 SOL. Now I have like $2000+ in my Phantom wallet, because I sold all the way up. If I didn’t sell a single token, it should have been worth $40,000+, but I was too careful and just DCA-ed into MOUTAI. MOUTAI will be my long term meme coin as I see the community is very strong and they’re actually promoting it in real life, with a mascot! Can’t beat that, unless others do it as well, it will be fun to watch. LOL!

And oh, follow these MOUTAI chads on X, for a better timeline.


More pictures of MOUTAI man, for SEO purposes. LOL!