New Play today is shork

Volume went nuts now at 50M after dev burned 70% of the supply. Now it’s closer to $1.00 per shork. Insanity. Looks like they made this one just for fun or perhaps send a message. Idk. I’m just in and riding the wave. Started at but I completely missed the opportunity to buy before reaching 100% bonding curve.

Reached 50M volume in just 6 hours. This is insane.

Anyway, CA is BJB5tHWAHboMAwti5AHbCNX17F3jL8ehkh4zuTUx99Zn. Let’s see how high can this go. Might drop, might go to zero, or might go to $1 tomorrow. Who knows?

Today’s play is Ansem’s Cat called HOBBES

In just 5 hours, it went from 50k to 50M marketcap. It’s that fast. It’s crazy. It’s awesome. It looks like a joke!

The CA is 6n7Janary9fqzxKaJVrhL9TG2F61VbAtwUMu1YZscaQS

I got in at 4M marketcap now I’m up 12.5x. Distributed the tokens to my other wallets so that I won’t be tempted to sell early. Will watch this grow in the next few days. I already took 50% profit and let the rest ride.

Rebalanced my MOUTAI and SC portfolio. And now I have Ansem’s Cat Hobbes.

Upgraded my X to pro today as I keep on getting rate limited everytime I tweet. I hate it and I cannot even like nor bookmark any post. I cannot interact with anyone. This happens almost everyday everyday. Ikfaf that there’s a 500 limit on X per day, reposts and tweets, but I’m pretty sure I still didn’t reach 500, and I’m always rate limited.

My old twitter account that was banned was still banned until today. Even though they email me that it’s already unlocked. I don’t know, and I don’t care anymore. I just want to get some alpha from my daily meme coin trades on Solana. So far so good.