Oh Great Oh Great!

Oh great! I forgot to write a blog post for July 9 and 10. I guess I’m not ready to be part of one-blog-post-a-day club. Crap. I really need time to post as often as other bloggers. How can I post if I don’t blog everyday? I blog hop but I don’t blog at all. I should be blogging what I need to blog right now. I’m still thinking of what to write. I have sooo many topics in mind, but I can’t put it into words.

I should be more organized. I should list down what I want to write and what I need to write. I should be like Sacha, who’s living an awesome life and who’s very diligent in writing a lot of useful and informative posts daily.

I need more guts, time, and inspiration to write more, more, and more!

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