NUT and chill with Nutflex

Been a holder of $NUT by Nutflex since, day 1. Sold at 150,000 MC. Bought back at 200k MC. And I keep on buying because the team surprises me everyday. They love to create content, and not just ordinary content. Viral and funny content.

They also deployed their streaming platform and it’s now live. First week on this coin was amazing. Now at 6M marketcap, down from like 8M-ish, I love how the community is so active and strong and the team behind it never left us since day one. They keep on producing content that everybody loves.

CA is 4pb6mymm9hYQN6og9uF24eyZ2qwXCWCwGvcR1DkCgeEr.

I predict this will be worth 100M minimum a few weeks from now. Just HODL NUT and chill. Enjoy the ride!

To be updated on what’s the latest about NUT follow them on Twitter:

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