My Hidden Skill Activated

Today is supposedly an ordinary day for a mummy like me but in the middle of my pyramid hopping, I suddenly felt an odd feeling. It’s not a feeling of an impending heart attack but the odd feeling of being followed. I’m a ninja and I don’t want to be followed. However, my anxiety level increased that I’ve already activated my hidden talent just like the psychics. Maybe this person is after my fortune but I don’t look rich because I’m dressed like any other mummies and I don’t even wear any jewelry. Maybe this person wants to extract information from the past or maybe wants me dead. That’s hilarious because I can’t be dead twice.

I decided to trick my stalker and I had the chance to discover his identity. As to my astonishment. my stalker is an old friend who tried to scare me. He’s good! Because admittedly I was a little scared. Just a little because I’m a brave mummy ninja. He just wanted to reveal himself in a unique and scary way.

My hidden psychic talent was activated but it didn’t work pretty well because i wasn’t able to predict what’s going to happen. Maybe there is a need for me to update my psychic skills by having a free psychic chat with my some of my old psychic friends in India. This is going to be another vacation for me.

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