It’s almost December!

Wow wow! Geez! Everything is happening so fast! A lot of gadgets has been released in the last few months that I’ve been offline. iPhone 4S was now propagating the whole world, while Blackberry also released their flagship phone, the Blackberry Bold 9900. Just a few weeks ago, another flagship phone from Blackberry was also announced, the modified Bold 9780. It’s now called the Blackberry Bold 9790! The new poor guy’s Blackberry was also announced and will be released by early December this year! These are the Curve 9380 and the Curve 9350! Oh yeah!

Whoa! I’m pretty outdated on the latest gadgets today. It’s really hard living under a rock for so many weeks. Now I’m back online and back blogging again! Will surely update this cute blog of mine with more awesome posts about anything that I can think of. Mostly related to technology and web geek stuff.

That’s all for today! Ohayo!

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