I want this Visor! Now!

Futuristic as they may say, but this new innovation from Sony is really from the future! Hell yeah! I first seen this over at Tech Inspector and I wonder how magical this gadget can be. I can’t wait to get my head on this. I want, really want, to experience this right now.

If you don’t know what is that new device called, it’s called the HMZ-T1 from Sony! Oh yeah! Sony did something awesome again, that’s why I created a new category called awesome in this blog! The super hi-tech visor above can let you watch 3DTV in full glory! When I say full glory, I mean FULL glory.

This is one of the most amazing innovations in the world! A lot of competitors attempted to create something like this, but failed. Only Sony, prevailed. That’s what I’ve read and I’m not that sure if the one wrote it is telling the truth. But I guess they are telling the truth because if others didn’t fail, then somebody else other than Sony released this type of device first, before Sony. Simple logic eh?

It has prototypes way back 2008. But this year, it’s now realized! It’s real! You can hold it! You can feel it! You can experience it! It’s like you’re just inside the movie or a game! Isn’t it awesome! I can’t wait to try it myself. I really really can’t wait!

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