Goodbye BTJunkie…

4 days ago, one of the most popular BitTorrent search engines has shut down, voluntarily. It has been all over the news. I just found out about it today when I was searching for an Blu-ray version of Air Force One. After visiting their website, I was redirected to a goodbye.html page and read their notice that they’ve shut down voluntarily. At first, I thought I just visited a wrong site. Because usually I visit the .ORG site, but today, I typed To my surprise, the .COM is also owned by
Anyway, I’m just sad as it’s one of the most useful BitTorrent search engines that I am using aside from ISOHunt. When I can’t find something in ISOhunt, BTJunkie will surely give me what I’m looking for. 3 years ago, my favorite BitTorrent search engine Mininova limited its platform to Content Distribution torrents only. Now, BTJunkie shuts down. I hope ISOHunt will not follow the path of Mininova and BTJunkie.

That’s all that I wanna share for today. Once again, so long BTJunkie. Thanks for sharing a lot of good stuff.

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