Everybody’s blogging about the Q10 and Z10

Blackberry Z10Just a few days ago, everybody is talking about the latest and most awaited BlackBerry OS10 devices, namely the Q10 and the Z10. The Z10 is a super-awesome full touch screen powered by BB OS10 and the Q10 is the damn ultra mega fantastic bold-successor OS10 device with the physical QWERTY keyboard.

Blackberry Q10 Semi-side viewBoth are awesome, both are fantastic! But if you’re already an Android or iOS user and you don’t care about BlackBerry’s flagship feature (the push e-mail technology), I think you won’t dare to try these two new BlackBerry goodies.

If you’re a loyal and die-hard BlackBerry fan, I bet my life that you’re excited to try these two OS10 devices out. As for me, I’m a BlackBerry avid user and loyalist, that’s why these two devices (yes two, not just one but 2!), are on my wish list.

Once they are both out in the wild, I will definitely get one for my own self satisfaction and gadget geekiness.

Oh well, I just talked about the Q10 and Z10 because everybody is talking about it! Haha!

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