Converge ICT Closing Soon? Internet and eBilling down for a very very very long time!

Are you a Converge ICT subscriber? Are you annoyed with their customer support? I mean, are you annoyed that they don’t have a customer support? Because every time you try to call their hotline at (+632) 6670848, or contact them via e-mail, or via Facebook or Twitter, you won’t get a single reply.

I remember I tried contacting them last March 2019, and I got a reply after 2 months. So if your internet just went down recently and you live within Manila, Quezon City, Makati, Cainta, Mandalayung, Cavite, or anywhere around Metro Manila, do not complain. Why? You’ll just get tired complaining. They only have like 5 or less customer support representatives. Heck, maybe they only one. Oh sorry, I mean they don’t have any customer support left. Your ticket will be left unanswered for many weeks and months, your tweets won’t get a single reply from Converge, your FB messages won’t get answered, not even once.

So don’t bother complaining. If you’re a Converge subscriber just wait for it to be fixed without doing anything, because you’ll just waste your time contacting them.

Calling their hotline will get you to an endless voice prompt. You need to enter your account number, again and again, and the cycle will never end until you get disconnected.

The best thing to do now is just use an LTE (yes, it’s not unlimited but you can connect to the internet). Stop downloading movies via torrent, or playing online games that consumes too much bandwidth.

Another thing to do is just switch to a new provider. All providers suck, but if you cannot connect to the internet via Converge, it’s better to switch than just wait forever.

Converge ICT is down and might close soon. Their ebilling website ( was down for 4 months now after their “system upgrade”. Upgrading their system for the inconvenience of all customers shouldn’t be called na upgrade.

If you think you have no internet because you haven’t paid your bills, do not bother to pay as you won’t be connected again.

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