Bullish on SEI

I’m loving the SEI ecosystem and community so much I have to blog about it in my dying blog. LOL! I also added a new category called “Blockchain”. Would start blogging again about SEI, and maybe some of my favorite NFTs and Dapps on Solana. After the Terra collapse, I’m mostly into other cosmos-based chains.

I’m also active in KUJI and held it from a few cents to now $4 per $KUJI. Exciting times ahead right? Let’s see where the bull market takes as this year.

My AMPL gains are also doing great. The daily rebase of 1-2% is truly a money making machine. Others just don’t notice it because it’s just going up and down from 1-1.5 USD per AMPL, but the daily rebase does a lot.

SEI also went above $1.00. I got it at 0.3 and happy with it. I also hold some Seiyans, Seitoshis, EACC, Dobs, WeBump and Colony NFTs. What more should I add?

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