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As you can see from my website, I have a passion for technology and gadgets. If you have an iPhone or an iPad then you have probably already filled it with plenty of pictures, videos and apps.

From games to news apps, the iTunes store has something for everyone. If you love playing Scrabble then you’ll love the Words with Friends app, whereas if you enjoy playing casino games like partypoker then you have probably already downloaded some poker apps onto your device. This blog post will show you a few useful apps which will help keep your poker skills up to scratch.

Spin3 Poker Tips
You can enhance your poker knowledge and skills thanks to Spin3 Poker Tips. This beautifully designed app, which features curling fonts and a stunning vintage-style design, is the best way to brush up on your poker trivia. It offers useful tips and advice from expert players as well as providing both basic and advanced poker tips. It also tests your new-found knowledge by popping up with regular quizzes.

100 Poker Tips
This app is perfect for brushing up on your poker skills and knowledge. 100 Poker Tips is a reliable app which allows you to read poker tips wherever you go because it even works in offline mode. In addition, you won’t spend a lifetime trying to figure out how the app works since it has a very user-friendly interface which features a quick-search glossary. All the tips are described in short and sweet bullet points which makes revising much quicker and easier.

Poker Timer
This simple poker clock allows you to easily set up your blind structure. The app – which features a glossy minimalist display – clearly shows your blinds and antes in a large font on screen. You can also add to, or edit, your blind structure. It’s a really useful app which allows you to concentrate more on your hand, and less on the clock.

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