InstaPay Not Received, Delayed and Timed Out.

What to do in case your InstaPay transaction is not instant anymore. This happened to me twice this year. First when I transferred 20,000 from Gcash to BPI, the another one when I transferred 50,000 from BPI to PSBank.

If you didn’t receive your money instantly due to time-out, system glitches and errors, then you need to contact the sending bank to report the incident.

It will take around 5 to 7 business days to get your money back. If you can’t get it after a week, you need to email [email protected] to expedite the concern.

Banks really don’t care if your InstaPay transactions are delayed, so don’t get mad at them. Just be patient because your cash will surely be credited back to your bank account even if it takes weeks to months.

The avoid scenarios like this, don’t send an amount you cannot afford to lose. Just send small amount via InstaPay as it’s not that reliable. For huge transactions, it’s still best to go old school, the OTC way.

Gcash: Gscore decreasing week after week

Noticed that your Gscore is decreasing in the Gcash app regardless of your frequent usage? You even used it more and more in the past few weeks to pay for your bills, buy load, and sending money, your Gscore is steadily decreasing? Well, you are not alone.

My Gscore is also decreasing weekly, from 650 (since a few months ago), now down to 586, and yesterday it went down to 579.

I wonder why and I bet you’re also wondering why, that’s why you’re reading this post.

I think there’s an algorithm update and it’s now more difficult to get a higher Gscore. Even if you use it more often that before, you’re score will get lower and lower.

I’ll try using Gcredit more frequently to see if it will help increase my score. So far I only used it twice, but I always max out my Gcash limit of 100k, which means I always use Gcash for everything. I use it for groceries, utility bills and gas. I will think of more ways to use it this month and next month.

Let’s see.